03 October 2011
The launch of LSMETEST. Online Aptitude test for Lagos State Ministry of Education  
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07 November 2011
JABU invites Emerging Trends to their Annual ICT week
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12 March 2012
Joseph Ayo Babalola University invites ETS to their maiden NACOSS National workshop
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24 March 2012
Emerging Trends & NACOSS presents ICT Boot Camp & NITTEX 2012
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EMERGING TRENDS SOLUTIONS is a team of highly talented and technology driven individuals that provide expert consulting, responsible leadership and professional services in Solution Development, Professional Training, Project Management, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and Consulting Services. Its core technology team has been engaged in the solution development since 2003.  


We are committed to continuously building a Customer Centric Service Delivery Organization through the integration of strategic alliances, people, processes and technologies, in order to continuously move up the Value Chain, while driving the costs down, so as to maximize value delivered to our customers. We have a reputation for products that are convenient, easy to use and built on our deep understanding of the Enterprise Space. We provide sophisticated solutions and implement various software projects, from small ones to biggest