03 October 2011
The launch of LSMETEST. Online Aptitude test for Lagos State Ministry of Education  
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07 November 2011
JABU invites Emerging Trends to their Annual ICT week
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12 March 2012
Joseph Ayo Babalola University invites ETS to their maiden NACOSS National workshop
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24 March 2012
Emerging Trends & NACOSS presents ICT Boot Camp & NITTEX 2012
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Emerging Trends Solutions is a long term innovator in the field of Solution Development, Professional Training, Project Management and Consultancy. Formed by a team of talented individuals with the aim of changing the face of business processes and procedures.
Emerging Trends Solutions is a consortium of three entities leveraging on the strength of each contributor. ePoint Solutions (Application Development, Fiber Optic Technical Expertise, Data center solution, Cloud infrastructure, Telecoms, IP Networks and Project Management expertise), FP Tutors (Technical, Managerial & Academic trainings, Recruitment, Consulting and Managed Services expertise), and Beyond DA Borders (Exploring the vision of limitless possibilities, a Give Back Initiative (GBI), touching lives in the area of ICT Education and Poverty Alleviation).


Vision: To become the leading People Centric Solution Providing Company in Africa
Emerging Trends Solutions is committed to continuously building a Customer Centric Service Delivery Organization through the integration of strategic alliances, people, processes and technologies, in order to continuously move up the Value Chain, while driving the costs down, so as to maximize value delivered to our customers.